What is the diffrence between anime and animation?

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Okay, so you've decided to get into anime, but as you gather your mind together you start to realize. " I have no idea as to where to start,". Hell, most people don't even realize there is a difference between anime and animation. Yes, there is a difference between anime and animation and it's is all about the style it's created to represent. More specifically, whether it follows a more eastern approach or western approach. On the topic of anime versus animation, let's look at animation first. Animation is what we westerners are more accustomed to. Now on the western spectrum of animation, you usually can expect light-hearted themes, no particular plot, and their primary audience is usually children (no shame to any adults who enjoy cartoons). Technically there are animated works (also known as cartoons) made for adults but in the west, that's definitely not the norm. In the west, we have a more traditional view on cartoons. They aren't going to flaunt guns, chain smokers, or overly sexualized characters. There won't be any over complex storylines to follow, and most episodes will primarily act as stand-alone stories. However, in the west, there is this unfortunate stigma where people like to assume that only children watch cartoons. Like above I said there are some cartoons made specifically for adults, but this is not the case for anime.

While the animation is much more traditional anime is much more liberal. Anime can range from childish themes to dark themes, their stories usually are complex and deep, and anime has a wide variety of viewer since anime has a wide variety of themes. Unlike western cartoons, anime can get dark and discuss topics like sex, guns, and some serious violence. Their stories can get very deep (let's not even discuss when they want to use time travel and magic), and usually aren't made for a younger audience to understand. Lastly, anime is watched by a lot more adults than children! Unlike in the west where only kids can enjoy a good animated work of fiction Anime can be consumed by adults. It can entertain people from eighteen-year-olds all the way up to ninety-nine-year-olds.However similar to animation anime also has an unfortunate stigma where people like to think that only basement dwelling nerds watch it. This is a nasty stereotype and is certainly not true. I feel like with that last fact this article is wrapped up. I think we've discussed the fundamental difference in style between western animation and eastern anime pretty well. Of course any true anime fan or animation fan will tell you that these really only scatches the surface of those stylistic differences but this article is meant to be for the beginners, and I felt like going to much into specifics would only scare and alienate the new viewers, so I want this to be easy to digest. Hopefully, this won't be the last post I speak up on the topic of anime! Anyways, I hope you all have a very nerdy day!

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